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Dr.Payal Gupta(PT)
Effect of Intercostal Stretch Technique and Anterior Basal Lift Technique on Respiratory Rate, Saturation of Peripheral Oxygen and Heart Rate among ICU Patients
Dr.Jani Chaitsi(PT)
Association of Environmental tobacco smoking with pulmonary functions among pregnant women: A prospective cohort study
Dr.Gopal Nambi(PT)
1). A comparative study between the application of knee brace in pain, knee range of motion, and functional disability in osteo arthritis Knee
2). Comparative effect of Pilates and Feldenkrais Intervention on Functional Balance and Quality of Life in Ambulatory Geriatric Population: A Randomized Controlled Study
3). Comparative effect of strength training program and aerobic training program on bone mineral density in post menopausal women with type-1 osteoporosis
4). Comparative effect between C1-C2 self-Sustained Natural Apophyseal Glide (SNAG) and deep cervical flexors strength training in the management of Cervicogenic Headache
5). Changes in pain intensity and health related quality of life with Iyengar yoga in non specific chronic low back pain: A randomized controlled study
Dr.Ratan Khuman(PT)
1). Effect of reciprocal inhibition muscle energy technique in acute piriformis syndrome: A single case study Immediate Effects of Single Session Post Isometric Relaxation Muscle Energy Technique Versus Mulligan’s Bent Leg Raise Technique on Pain and Hamstring Flexibility in Knee Osteoarthritis Participants: A Randomised Controlled Study
2). Dynamic Postural Control Assessment with Star Excursion Balance Test among Chronic Ankle Instability and Healthy Asymptomatic Participants
3). Comparison of static and dynamic balance among collegiate cricket, soccer and volleyball male players Infant with Bronchiolitis and Chest Physical Therapy: A Case Report