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Dr.Sathiyavani.D (PT)
Effect of specific lumbar stabilization exercise by using an unstable training device on pain, lumbo pelvic stability and functional disability in subjects with chronic low back pain: A randomized controlled study
Dr.Gopal Nambi(PT)
1). Clinical effects of short and long lever spinal thrust manipulation in non-specific chronic low back pain – A biomechanical perspective
2). An additional effect of Iyengar yoga along with EMG biofeedback in chronic unilateral knee osteo arthritis in terms of pain and functional disability
3). Reliability, Validity, sensitivity and specificity of Gujarati version of the Roland – Morris disability questionnaire
4). Difference in effect between ischemic compression and muscle energy technique on upper trapezieus myofascial trigger points: comparative study
5). Lumbo pelvic manipulation versus patellar mobilization in chronic patellofemoral pain syndrome patients in terms of pain, patellar alignment, and functional disability – A randomized controlled study
6). Cervical spine mobilization versus thoracic spine manipulation with unilateral C6 and C7 cervical radiculopathy - Comparative study
Dr. P. Ratan Khuman (PT)
Physical Therapy in Temporomandibular Dysfunction Following Maxillo–Mandibular Fixation in Sub-Condylar Mandibular Fracture - A Single Case Study
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Dr. Lourembam Surbala Devi (PT)
Pilates in functional balance and quality of life in sub-acute stroke subjects - A Randomized Controlled Study
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Myofascial Release Technique in Chronic Lateral Epicondylitis: A Randomized Controlled Study
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Dr.Kalpesh Satani(PT)
To compare the efficacy of incentive spirometry and resistive inspiratory devices on ventilatory muscle strength in patients with moderate dyspnea in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Dr.Ekta Chaudhry(PT)
Comparative study of Myofascial release and cold pack in upper trapezieus spasm