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Efficacy Of Wrist Manipulation On Pain And Grip Strength In Subjects With Lateral Epicondylitis-Poster Presentation. Sunand Patel (1st PG)
Effects of wall slide exercises versus dual wall push up exercises on patients with scapular dyskinesis with a winged or tipped scapula.-Poster Presentation. Komal Patel (1st PG)
Effects of transverse oscillatory pressure versus neural mobilisation with intermittent cervical traction in subjects with cervical radiculopathy: A comparative study. Mehul Patel (1st PG)
Additive effect of Mulligan mobilization v/s Maitland mobilization with conventional therapy on pain, neck rotation & functional disability in patients with cervical spondylosis. Nirav (1st PG)
To check efficacy of target versus standard functional reach test as a predictor of risk of fall among older individuals. Poonam (1st PG)
Effect Of Anti Pronation Taping On Pain And Function In Subjects With Plantar Fasciitis - Ebs. Sachi (1st PG)
Influence of Fear-Avoidance Beliefs on pain and disability in subjects With Musculoskeletal Conditions of the Shoulder - An observational study. Chaitali (1st PG)
Effectiveness Of Proximal Strengthening Program On Pain, Rom& Function In Women With Patello Femoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) Sachi (1st PG)
Effectiveness Of Otago Exercise To Improve Balance And Quality Of Life In Individuals With Chronic Stroke. Chandu Bhatt (1st PG)
Immediate effects of Posterior glide joint mobilization versus Subscapularis MET on External Rotation ROM and Pain in subjects with primary adhesive capsulities. Jishan Pathan (1st PG)
Effectiveness of circuit class therapy to improve cardio respiratory fitness In subjects with traumatic brain injury -an interventional study. Krishna Vacchani (1st PG)
Analysis of test-retest reliability of timed up and go test in to grade 1- 3 osteoarthritis of knee. Maitry Vyas (1st PG)
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