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Effect of TENS versus Dry Needling on Pain,Lumbar ROM and Functional Disability in Chronic LBP Participants-Platform Presentation. Amit (1st PG)
Additive Effect of Scapular Stabilisation and Strengthening exercise along with Kinesio taping on Pain,ROM and shoulder functional disability in patients with Subacromial Impingement Syndrome-Poster Presentation Amit (1st PG)
Effectiveness of Swissball Exercises in Bladder dysfunction in Paediatric Neurological Conditions-Poster Presentation. Hardica Chavda (1st PG)
Effectiveness of EMG Biofeedback to reduce pain and severity in Cervical Dystonia-A Single Case Study[Platform Presentation. Hardica Chavda (1st PG)
Effect of Sensory Integration versus Motor Skill Training in participants with Developmental Co ordination Disorder-EBS. Hardica Chavda (1st PG)
Effect of Mirror Therapy versus Mental Imagery to improve Upperlimb Function in Subacute Stroke Subjects-A Quasi Experimental Study- Platform Presentation. Ruchi Gandhi (1st PG)
Effect of Robotic training to improve upper extremity dysfunction after Stroke-EBS. Ruchi Gandhi (1st PG)
Effect of Brand Daroff Technique in the treatment of Benign Paroxysmal positional Vertigo-An Interventional Study. Ruchi Gandhi (1st PG)
Effect of Mulligan Movement with Mobilisation versus Kinesiotaping on pain,lumbar range of motion and functional disability in chronic low back pain participants.- Platform Presentation. Khyati Goswami (1st PG)
Pilates Versus Core Stability Exercises on Chronic Low back pain-EBS. Khyati Goswami (1st PG)
Effect of Directed Exercise Program to improve Physical Function in Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy-A pilot Study-Platform Presentation Surbhi Zala (1st PG)
Effectiveness of Repetitive Sit to Stand Training to improve balance among Subacute Stroke Subjects-Poster Presentation. Surbhi Zala (1st PG)
Effect of Physical Therapy in 6 Stages of ALS-An Interventional Study-Poster Presentation. Bhoomi Parmar (1st PG)
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