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Neurological PT Research Lab
Our Research Laboratory is equipped with Electro diagnostic Equipments. The electro diagnostic examination is an extension of the neurologic exam, and is guided by the examiner's knowledge of the patient's condition.
Diagnostic tests available in our lab are :
a). Nerve Conduction Studies
b). Electromyography
c). Repetitive Nerve Stimulation
d). Evoked Potential Studies [Visual EP, Brain stem Evoked Potential studies, Somato Sensory Evoked Potential studies]
Our Electro diagnostic Lab is equipped with :
a). RMS Electro diagnostic Equipment
b). Neurocare [Biotech’s] Electro Diagnostic Equipment.
RMS Salus [4 Channel] Instrument is clinically customised for quick and flexible to perform large variety of tests with extremely detailed customisation. It has Onscreen Impedence check, Inbuilt speaker for EMG test, User Configurable Summary Report, and is Suitable for bed side recording. This machine analyses all kinds of neurophysiological testing such as Nerve Conduction Velocity Study, F-Wave, H-Reflex, Electromyography, Repetitive Nerve Stimulation, Evoked Potential Studies.
Neurocare [Biotech] Instrument, a user friendly, intelligently designed window based EMG/NCV/EP equipment that enhance the working procedure and give efficient outputs. This machine analyses the neurophysiological testing such as Nerve Conduction Velocity Study, F-Wave, H-Reflex, Electromyography and Repetitive Nerve Stimulation.
Our Electrodiagnostic Laboratory Offers Timely Appointments, Reports are assured for its Quality, accuracy and dependability.
All studies are performed under the direct supervision of the faculty Incharge who is a qualified Physiotherapist and certified in Electrodiagnosis.
Education and training are integral parts of the NCV/EMG Lab teaching activities. Post Graduate Students obtain training in the performance and interpretation of NCVs and EMGs. The Rotation on NCV/EMG/EP Analysis involves the Post Graduates of CUSPC. After Assimilation of basic material and observation of studies, the post graduates conduct the studies under supervision. The goal of this didactic and firsthand experience is to develop an understanding of the clinical usefulness and limitations of such techniques, and to able to interpret EMG reports in the context of the clinical presentation.
Patients are typically referred by their physicians, Specialists in neurology, neurosurgery, plastic and orthopedic surgery, and Internal medicine.
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