Saurashtra Medical Center Sanchalit
Affiliated to Saurashtra University
Contact : | 02752 - 287081 / 287070
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Cardio Pulmonary PT Research Lab
Our Cardiopulmonary Laboratory uses a number of novel measurement techniques to simultaneously assess the respiratory, cardiovascular, muscular and neuro-physiological responses to exercise. The long term goal of this research program is to develop more effective rehabilitation interventions to improve exercise performance and quality of life for those suffering from chronic lung diseases.
Our lab is equipped with advanced instruments including :
a). Pulmonary Function Testing Machine,
b). Computerised Treadmill Testing Unit,
c). Swiss Balls
d). Cycle Ergometer
d). Multi Gym Exerciser
Pulmonary Function Testing [PFT] Unit
Pulmonary function test is a noninvasive procedure that provides diagnostic and prognostic information and evaluates an individual’s capacity for dynamic exercise. Pulmonary function tests can be used to help diagnose Asthma, Allergies ,Chronic bronchitis ,Respiratory infections ,Emphysema ,Lung fibrosis ,Bronchiectasis ,Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Asbestosis, Sarcoidosis ,Scleroderma, a disease of the connective tissue , Pulmonary tumor ,Lung cancer.
It offers a large number of respiratory tests for inpatients, Outpatients, direct referrals from General Physicians in and around Surendranagar.
Our PFT systems are state of art, highly accurate and easy to use without taking up a lot of physical space. Our PFT software applications feature user-friendly interfaces that help improve testing, data accessibility and productivity. Its smooth and silent operation facilitates accurate blood pressure measurements even at high workloads. The variable speed range permits diagnosing of patients with varied health backgrounds.
Treadmill Testing Unit
Exercise stress test allows us to assess the response of your heart to the increased workload and demand for blood during exercise. This is done by recording the electrocardiograph (ECG) of your heart while walking on a treadmill machine. It is useful in diagnosing ischaemic heart disease.
TMT is a perfect solution for Cardiology Diagnosis, it provides Record, Display, Archived, and Analyze ECG Recording and other Measurements.
This well sophisticated equipment is safe and smoothly operated in a well lit, clean and air conditioned room.
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