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Dr.Sathiyavani.D (PT)
ONGOING RESEARCH : Efficacy Of Manual Traction, Toe Spread Out Exercise Plus Kinesiotaping On Pain And Foot Function In Hallux Valgus Female Participants
Dr. Leena.R(PT)
ONGOING RESEARCH : Adult Dyslexia in Professional College Students-A Cross Sectional Study
Dr.Sathiyavani (PT)
Effect of specific lumbar stabilization exercise by using an unstable training device on pain, lumbo pelvic stability and functional disability in subjects with chronic low back pain: A randomized controlled study
Shoulder Subluxation in Cervical Spondylotic
1). Myelopathy: Effective Physiotherapy Treatment with Kinesio Taping-A Case Report
2). Neurogenic Involvement in Overuse Syndrome among Violinists
Dr.Jalpa Shah(PT)
Development and Analysis of Validity and Reliability of the Kannada version of Oswestry Disability Index
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