Saurashtra Medical Center Sanchalit
Affiliated to Saurashtra University
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Physiotherapy aims to help you to optimize your mobility, function and independence. Physiotherapists work with the multidisciplinary team of healthcare providers in CUSMC to provide holistic care that is aligned with our patients' goals.
Excellence in patient care, research, and education is the overall goal of all the Departments of CUSPC, Surendranagar.
Deparment of CUSPC
1. Musculoskeletal & Sports Physiotherapy Department
2. Neurological Physiotherapy Department
3. Cardio Pulmonary Physiotherapy Department
Department Profile
C U Shah Physiotherapy College has the largest Physiotherapy departments in Surendranagar under the Saurashtra medical centre. The Physiotherapy Departments at CUSPC provides a comprehensive range of rehabilitative services which put us on the forefront of physiotherapy in Surendranagar. It provides systematic, organized and professional rehabilitation services.
CUSPC OPD consists of 6 departments [Ortho Physiotherapy Departments [Unit 1&2], Neuro Physiotherapy Departments [Unit 1&2], Paediatric Physiotherapy Department, Cardio Pulmonary Physiotherapy Department, each headed by a senior physiotherapist. All the departments are running 6 days in a week from Monday to Saturday. Along with its regular OPD it also covers IPD of C. U. Shah Medical College Hospital.
C U Shah Physiotherapy College has an experienced faculty team who are specialized in Orthopaedics& Sports Physiotherapy, Neurological Physiotherapy , Cardio respiratory Physiotherapy , Physiotherapy in General Medicine and Surgery. Emphasis on interactive learning ensues that every student gains an interest in the science of physical movement and participates wholeheartedly in the theoretical and clinical sessions.
Physiotherapists work in Outpatient clinics work as well as work in the wards, looking after patients admitted to the C U Shah Medical hospital. Our facilities and state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipments ensure that our patients receive the highest level of care available.
We perform thorough assessments and design individualised treatment plans that may incorporate manual therapy, exercises and/or the use of electro-physical modalities to optimise recovery.
Our department is actively involved in providing clinical education to physiotherapy students, [Graduates and Post Graduates] allowing them to integrate knowledge and skills attained from their academic studies in a clinical setting.
Along with the Department activities, the Physiotherapy department also actively conducts and participates in medical and health promotional camps at various places of Gujarat.
To improve the standard of our evidence-based clinical practice and quality of our Physiotherapy services, our Physiotherapists are also involved in doing clinical research and quality-improvement projects. Physiotherapy labs are well equipped. Sophisticated and Modern Equipments have been installed and calibrated periodically.
All these laboratories are equipped with advanced instruments including Computerized treadmill, Laser therapy unit, Posture Evaluators, Posture Evaluators, Handheld dynamometer ,Hand dynamometer ,Therabands ,Algometry, Flamingo balance beam ,Stability disk, Combo therapy, CPM,EMG/NCV/EP instrument, Pulmonary Function Testing Unit, Treadmill Testing Unit, Swiss balls, Cycle Ergometer & Multi gym Exerciser ,etc.. for the students and staffs to carry out various research projects. Soon the Department will be launching Gait Laboratory