Saurashtra Medical Center Sanchalit
Affiliated to Saurashtra University
Contact : | 02752 - 287081 / 287070
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Department Profile
Out Patient Cardio Pulmonary Physiotherapy Department [OPD] provide General Chest Evaluation, PFT, TMT, Cardiac Rehabilitation and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.
Cardiac rehabilitation (rehab) is a medically supervised program that helps improve the health and well-being of people who have heart problems. Rehab is Designed especially for people after heart attack and/or heart surgery. Also Appropriate for people following angioplasty, coronary stent placement, stable angina, Two Or More Documented Classical Risk Factors For Coronary Heart Disease and many other heart conditions Physiotherapists are involved in two phases of Cardiac Rehabilitation. The goal of this programme is to prevent and limit the physiological and psychological effects of cardiac illness and to improve the overall cardiovascular fitness and health of the patient. This is accomplished by developing individualised programmes which cover exercise, education and lifestyle modification, tailored to the individual needs and abilities of the patients.
Cardiac Rehabilitation in our department provides complete cardiac rehabilitation that helps the patients to feel safe and supported. It offers patients the most advanced cardiac rehab facility in the area. We also provide a staff who is completely dedicated and highly trained in the rehabilitation of heart patients. We provide full medical supervision at all times.We provide a safe environment, where your heart function can be carefully monitored during exercise. Rehab programs include exercise training, education on heart healthy living, and counseling to reduce stress and help you return to an active life.Our Department has a dedicated cardiac rehab facility, complete with exercise equipments, i.e., treadmills, ergocycles, steppers and cross trainers; a gymnasium for pre-class warm-up and resistance training classes; Human Performance Labs for fitness testing; and a dedicated area for patient education.
Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a multi-dimensional program specifically designed and individually tailored to give Education, Exercise and Support to people with pulmonary diseases such as Restrictive Pulmonary Diseases[Pulmonary Fibrosis, Cystic Fibrosis ,Myasthenia Gravis ,Guillain Barre Syndrome ,Kyphosis ,Obesity etc., and Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases such as Asthma ,Emphysema, Bronchitis ,Bronchiectasis etc., An initial assessment is conducted by the Physiotherapist, followed by an individualised treatment program to manage complain(s) stated.
Inpatient Cardio Pulmonary Department [IPD]has an essential role in restoring function in patients requiring critical care by using conservative, non invasive approaches. It provides specialised care with the view of ultimately returning individuals suffering from cardiac or respiratory conditions to a healthy and productive life. This department provide comprehensive physical assessments and individualized rehabilitation therapy sessions for patients who are admitted in Casualty & Emergency care unit , MICU., SICU., NICU., PICU., Surgery (male & female)ward ., Pulmonary TB & Chest ward.It meets the personal requirements of the critical care unit of CUSMC Hospital which has life support equipments like Advanced Ventilator, Defibrillator, Electrocardiogram monitor, Arterial and Venous Lines, Pulse Oxymeter, Oxygen Transport, Monitoring of Fluids, Electrolyte balance, Suction Apparatus, Nebulizer.
The department is running 6 days in a week from Monday to Saturday. Along with its regular OPD it also covers IPD of C.U.Shah Medical College Hospital (Casualty & Emergency care unit , MICU., SICU., NICU., PICU., Surgery (male & female)ward ., Pulmonary TB & Chest ward.). The department is attending approximately 10-20 OPD patients/day and 10-20 IPD patients /day.
Timing : Monday to Frieday
1. 09:00am to 01:30pm - Morning Session2. 03:00pm to 06:00pm - Afternoon Session
Timing : Saturday
1. 09:00am to 01:00pm - Morning Session
Consultation charges – 10/- Rs.
Treatment charges – 10/- Rs. for six sessions.
1. Relaxation Unit : Unit which comprises with couch and yoga mattress and music system for the purpose of relaxation through meditation.
2. Aerobic Unit : Utilizes with medicine ball, aerobic walker, cycle ergo meter, cross trainer, treadmill, stepper.
3. Anaerobic Unit : utilizes with multi gym apparatus, bench press, Dumbbells.
4. Other Facilities which provides both in OPD & IPD were respiratory trainers, nebulizers and other threshold devices which help in aiding secretions.
Cardio Pulmonary Physiotherapy Department Equipments
Pulse Oxymeter, Peak Expiratory Flow meter, Nebuliser with Mask, Incentive Spirometer, Mannequin , Vibrator, Flutter, Acapella , Bicycle Ergometer, Cross Trainer, Aerobic Stepper, Abdominal Exerciser, Dumbbells, Weight Cuffs, Sphygmomanometer, Stethoscope, Swiss balls, Medicine Balls, Aerobic Mats, Weighing Machine.
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